An Eventful '98

HomeMake a Payment / Customer Portal About Us Contact Us People Rules & By-Laws Newsletters / CCRs Water Meters During 1998, Beaches Water Company underwent dramatic changes in its' business operation.

As was projected in 1997, our contract plumber and water operator, Bill Rausch of Rausch Mechanical, closed his business as of January 1, 1998.

In anticipation, Beaches Water Company solicited proposals to take over the work that Rausch Mechanical performed, plus the administrative duties covered by Jack Jorgensen and the Board of Directors. Proposals were evaluated from three sources and a choice was made to hire Dennis DiBello, a former Board member as the Business Manager/ Water Operator, with Kenny Grover, a former Rausch employee as the Operation/Maintenance Technician.

In February '98, Joan Humphreys, the part-time bookkeeper, was made part of the team and became the Office Manager. We have complemented the team with the necessary resources by setting-up pre-defined contracts and agreements for plumbing, electrical, and other services on an "as needed" basis.

These contract employees work out of the newly constructed building at the Slater Plant which consists of an office, board meeting room and the storeroom.  It was built with volunteer labor from the community for approximately half the price it would have cost. Our many thanks to those who participated in the construction, including; Russell Thayer, Mike Williams, Alice Davis, Jim Gilbert, Don Hogue, Mike Wolf, family members, friends, and others.

Beaches Water Company New Office
"Beaches Water Company Office at the Robert Slater Plant"


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